Each show consists of nude standup comedy performers, whose credits include Comedy Central, Showtime, NBC, etc. performing to a sold out nude audiences. The nudity is never optional it is mandatory upon entrance for the comfort of all parties. No cameras or video devices are allowed in, enforced by security. There is an age limit of being at least over 18 for all private shows unless we are at a nudist family resort in which case we can do family friendly comedy for all ages. Nude isn’t lewd.

Nudist Comedy is not a spectator event it’s an immersive experience of social nudity breaking down walls of shame to learn to ‘Love Every Body!” Past shows have included actors, actresses, models, humorists, writers, singers, magicians, etc. You never know what’ll happen next!!

We look forward to seeing you join in the fun at a future event! Don’t forget to bring a towel.


Allen Levin

Hi everybody! “Nude Comedy LA” welcomes you and has had quite a launch!

My name is Allen Levin and I’m very excited to announce that AANR is officially sponsoring our great nude events at our very own Two Roads Theater in Studio City, CA!
We’ve already done 6 full shows of nude comedy and began a regular a LATE Night Nude Karaoke and Open Mic, and started and all NUDE acting class workshop, since opening “Nude Comedy LA” in February 2016 in which not only the performers are nude, but the entire audience is also. A truly wonderful and immersive experience for all! We are currently doing an all nude acting class July 1st! This class will be for all levels of acting experience including, and especially for, beginners! We are going to have more nude comedy shows and I’ve been discussing with a shining star (who isn’t very tall….hint, hint) about headlining our next show. We have some great surprises in store!

As for me personally I’d like to thank so many of you for this radical new direction with my life and tell you just a little bit about how all this happened:
I own The Two Roads Theater in Studio City. The owner of our building raised our lease substantially so I had to find creative ways of coming up with the money to keep the lights on.
Enter a potential renter who had a similar type of show.
The renter wanted a new home for his nude comedy shows. I wanted that home to be my Two Roads. One of his concerns was that I’d pull the plug at the last second, as happened to him before in other venues. I assured him I would not stand in the way of his artistic vision. Initially I was just going to have him rent the theatre from me and this would have helped with the high new lease. He signed an agreement for a $10,000 rental deal! This would do it! Then last second he canceled everything!
No help…. but worse yet I wasn’t merely professionally disappointed I was personally disappointed as I’ve NEVER been to any type of nudist event and wanted to explore letting go of my fears and self-judgments of my own body image. I was saddened as I was planning to buy tickets to these events. Ordinarily when renters put on events in my theatre they invite me to participate for free. I told my wife Emily I would refuse. I was going to pay for my own tickets as this felt really important. This felt like the perfect first place for me to explore nudism. In my own creative home at Two Roads. I loved the message of so many naturists: “All bodies are good bodies.” That message is so important. This is our message now as well.
The potential renter never told me directly he was canceling and instead included me on a news release where he canceled the operations of his company. Initially this was upsetting, but then I thought, “What if I took over the shows?” This was a bit terrifying as I’d hoped my first time at a nudist event would be as an anonymous audience member.
Let me just hide in the seats and try to get through being naked in public. That wasn’t in the cards. The former company owner loved the idea and we started meeting and I began learning I paid the owner to copy his code from his website to be used as a template for my new website and to show me the ropes.
On Feb 12th I hosted my first nude comedy show for my new company separate “Nude Comedy LA!” We sold out in under 3 weeks! I found myself up on stage without any clothes in front of a packed sold out audience! I was not even socks and shoes which are the only clothing allowed during our events.
I felt aware of my nudity for a few minutes and quickly it wasn’t an issue at all. The room was so warm and everyone so inviting, it was very easy. It wasn’t sexual. It wasn’t strange. It wasn’t even scary. It was accepting. It was beautiful.
I’m really proud of that show. I’d like to thank everyone who performed: Opening comic Mike Polek, then a great longer set by Marty Ross, Brian K and Julianna Acosta performed a one-act naturist play “Love The Body Positive.” We had a short break and Rolf Holbach did a trivia game on AANR trivia and gave out awards and then headliner Derrick Jackson brought it home with big laughs. Comedienne and model Jin N Tonic was such a great host! What a wonderful open to our company! We even did an open mic to begin the show that had really funny people from our audience!
We then followed that show 2 months later with “April Foolish” which was also a great success. This time we did 5 full shows and added some new names to the roster. First time comic Olivia Spirz KILLED it! (Can you imagine? Your very first time doing stand up, you do it nude??! Stand up is scary enough! Well done Olivia!!). Shanna Christmas was hysterical, Kevin LaHaie did 5 different sets (incredibly impressive and so very funny)! Kevin was an incredible headliner. I can’t wait to have him on my stage again.

Marty Ross wasn’t on our official line up this time, so what did he do? He won the open mic contest! LOL. Such a funny man! He and Shanna just hosted our SOLD OUT Late Night Nude Karaoke (which was only 4 days ago).
All that said, I’m truly inspired by everyone that helps us with these shows. I’m grateful for this newand fully nude experience. I look at clothes differently and wish I didn’t have to see them everywhere. I now consider myself a nudist.
I’m so happy Nude Comedy LA has found a real home at The Two Roads Theater in Studio City.
Rolf Holbach, representing two of our other sponsors, the Southern California Naturist Association and the Clothing Optional Home Network has been an incredible help and positive source in my life. I adore having him at our shows. He coordinates awesome giveaways from our sponsors during intermission!
Whether you’re local, or visiting Los Angeles, I hope to see you at our events and again thank AANR for their support of Nude Comedy LA and in helping to promote new and fun ways to enjoy naturism, and spread the word about enjoying life naturally. So THANK YOU to AANR, Beverly Price, and all the amazing people there! We’ll make you proud.
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We have so many great things coming up this year! Also – read more about me and my acting coaching (Nude Acting just around the corner on July 1st at 8 pm!) at

Questions? Feel free to email me at NudeComedyLA@gmail.com


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